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G.O.MS.No. 22, Dated: 10-04-2017. Implementation of a programme called “Ammaku Vandanam” in High Schools from the academic year 2017-18


School Education – Implementation of a programme called “Ammaku Vandanam”  in High Schools  from the academic year 2017-18 – Orders – issued.

    G.O.MS.No. 22       Dated: 10-04-2017                                                                
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1. From  the Joint Secretary to CM , CMP No. 4140/JS/2017, dated                  13.02.2017.            
2. From the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Amaravati,                  Lr.Rc.No.31/A&I /2017, dated 13.02.2017.



The Hon’ble Chief Minister announced a new programme called “Ammaku Vandanam”  while addressing the National Women’s Parliament on 12th February 2017 in Amaravati.

 2. The main intention of the programme is to pay tribute to mothers and respect motherhood on this occasion. Mothers of all the students will be invited to the schools on a specified day and the children seek their blessings. This will be witnessed by all students and is expected to inculcate in them respect for the traditions and the culture of our country. This will done in group / individually. The celebrations of the “Ammaku Vandanam” programme can be made voluntary for High Schools.  There are about 15 lakh students in Govt. and ZP High Schools. On an average, Rs.5000/- is to be earmarked to each school for conducting programme, for 5000  Municipal, Govt., ZP High Schools and  Model High Schools. Thus, it will cost about Rs.2.50 crores (approximately).  

3. Government have decided to implement the programme called “Ammaku Vandanam” and hereby accord permission to the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Amaravati to implement the programme in High Schools only on annual day of every academic year or any other day as decided by SMC, with an estimated cost of Rs.2.50 Crores @ Rs.5,000/- per school for 5000  Municipal, Govt., ZP High Schools and Model  High Schools. Out of the total requirement of Rs.2.50 Crores, an amount of Rs.1.25 Crores shall be sanctioned by the Government and remaining amount of Rs.1.25 Crores shall be mobilized by the Head Masters and Teachers from the Alumni/Donors/CSR for organizing the Programme. Different activities shall be organized in schools as part of the “Ammaku Vandanam” Programme, as follows:  

         1. The programme is entirely voluntary being introduced to inculcate respect for mothers and also sensitize towards women and gender equality in the school children.

          2. Inviting all mothers on the specified date and time to the school to show appreciation/ respect/ recognition to them in a befitting manner which may include doing paada pooja by their children/ward.

         3. The Head Master will ensure that arrangements are made for their seating in a big Hall/Classroom/Shamiana etc., and serve refreshments.

          4. The students would show respect to their mothers and take their blessings in group.

          5. Organize motivational speeches on mother’s significance, contribution to family and children’s responsibility towards their mother.

         6. Singing, dancing and cultural programmes on the theme of Mother.

         7. Sensitize children about many ways in which they can support and take care of their mother in particular and women in general.

         8. Children may be encouraged to make and give gifts to their mothers.

         9. It will be organized once in a year preferably to coincide with annual school day celebrations.  

4.     The Commissioner  of  School  Education, A.P.  Amaravati  shall  take  further necessary  action in  the  matter.


               ADITYA NATH DAS



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