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G.O.Ms.No.126, Dated:18-10-2005.Candidates selected and appointed as Apprentice on payment of stipendiary - Leave eligibility.

      GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH                                ABSTRACT

   A..P. School Education Subordinate Service - Recruitment of teachers - Candidates selected and appointed as Apprentice on payment of stipendiary - Leave eligibility - modified Orders - Issued.

     EDUCATION (SER.V) DEPARTMENT            G.O.Ms.No.126       Dated: 18-10-2005

Read the following:
1.      G.O.Ms.No.221, Edn, dt.16-7-1994. 
2.      G.O.Ms.No. 134, Edn, dt. 10-6-1996. 
3.      Govt.Memo No. 19536/Ser.V-I/99-4, dt.            19-4-2000.


In the reference 2nd cited, the teachers selected and initially appointed as apprentice were permitted to avail Casual Leaves, Special Casual Leaves, Earned Leaves, Half Pay Leaves, Maternity Leave etc., on par with regular teachers.

2.In the reference 3rd cited, it was clarified that according to FR 104 leave on Half Pay may be granted to an apprentice during the apprenticeship period to the extent of one month each year on production of medical certificate but such leave is not admissible for accumulation and an apprentice cannot count apprenticeship period for leave taking the service so rendered substantially on permanent post.

3. Government have reexamined the matter and considered that fundamental rule 104 allows only half pay leave for one month each year on medical certificate and that too without accumulation and extraordinary leave to the apprentices as rightly clarified in Government Memo. No. 19536/Ser.V.1/99-4. dt.19-4-2000. The Government therefore have decided to cancel the orders issued in G.O Ms.No. 134, Education, dt.10-6-1996. Accordingly, the orders in G.O.Ms.No.134, Education, dt.10-6-1996 are hereby canceled. Government hereby order that the teachers selected and initially appointed as Apprentice payment of monthly stipend are eligible for sanction of half pay leave not exceeding one month each year of apprenticeship on medical certificate with out accumulation of leave and extraordinary leave during the apprentice period.

4. This order issue with the concurrence of finance (FR.I) Department, vide their U.O.No. 19282/580 FR-1/05, dated:12-08-2005.


                        P. KRISHNAIAH 
                Secretary to Government

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