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G.O.RT.No. 280 , Dated: 15-11-2016.Mission Haritha Andhra Pradesh – Celebration of Kartika Vana Mahotsavam.

     GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH                                ABSTRACT

Mission Haritha Andhra Pradesh – Celebration of Kartika Vana Mahotsavam – Certain Guidelines – Issued

     G.O.RT.No. 280        Dated: 15-11-2016                                                                                             Read the following:

Letter of PCCF & HoFF No.16807/2016/NC.1., dated 10-11-2016  ORDER:

1. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has committed itself to secure fifty per cent (50%) of the land area of Andhra Pradesh State under green cover by 2029 through Mission Haritha Andhra Pradesh. In this direction, the government has launched the Vanam-Manam Program during the current year, and has taken a number of measures to increase awareness about environment conservation and climate change adaptation amongst all citizens of the State. Further, the Government has been taking a number of activities to strengthen the bond between people and the nature and facilitate reinforcement of people’s spiritual and physical connection with the nature, with a view to ensure sustainable conservation of the fragile eco-system.

2. Traditionally, the month of Kartika (Kartika Masam), especially starting from the full moon day (Kartika Purnima), is considered auspicious for strengthening the spiritual and physical bond with the nature. In this context, the Government hereby order that the District Administration and all departments mobilise all resources under their command to create the enabling environment essential for strengthening the bond between the people and the nature by celebrating Kartika Vana Mahotsavam thorough the month of Kartika, starting on November 14, 2016, by organizing nature conservation and environment promotion centric activities across the state. The Heads of all Departments with an interface with the public and the District Collectors are requested to celebrate Kartika Vana Mahotsavam with the active participation of elected representatives, students, government employees, SHGs, Water Users Associations, Vana Samrakshana Samithis (VSS) NGOs and people at large in a befitting manner.

3. The following guidelines may be adapted to the local circumstances to spread awareness about environment and nature conservation, climate change adaptation and above all above the Mission Haritha Andhra Pradesh:

        i. Celebrate Karthika Vana Mahotsavam through the month of Kartika starting on November 14, 2016. Every person / family may spend at least a day in the lap of nature during this month.

         ii. Conduct regular meetings of the District Vanam-Manam committees to plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of action plan that would enable the general public, students, SHG members, etc., to participate in nature visits/ excursions to nearby forest / wooded areas, nurseries, Kartika Vanams and Nagara Vanams to savour the experience of living in nature’s lap.

         iii. Make necessary arrangements for school children, college and university students through the Education department, Welfare Departments, with the assistance and support of the Forest department for organizing nature camps, treks, walks, runs, etc., through the nature. The Rural Development and Urban Development Departments may also organise Kartika Vana Mahotsavams in a befitting manner in all Gram Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies respectively.  

          iv. Step up and sustain the ongoing programme activities like Vanam-Manam and Prakruti Pilustondi that involve protection of planted saplings, plantation of new saplings, replantation of saplings, where the earlier plants might have died, seed dibbling, raising of nurseries, geo-tagging of the planted seedlings, etc. Dissemination of information - through hand bills, pamphlets, bill boards, etc., - be taken up on medicinal plants like Tulasi, Turmeric, Vamu, Jeera, Asvagandha and Nannari etc.  

          v. Plan and implement tree planting in the North East Monsoon areas of Nellore, Chittoor, Prakasam and parts of Kadapa and Ananthapur districts with emphasis on Panchavati species like Usiri, Maredu, Ravi or Marri, Vepa, and seta, Asoka etc., in schools, colleges, government office compounds and other suitable public places with appropriate facilities for protection like tree guards etc.,  

          vi. Services of AP Green Corps (APGC), Eco Clubs, Vana Samrakshana Samithies, SHGs and Biodiversity committees may be utilised for this programme. Themes like nature conservation, bio-diversity conservation, cleanliness (Swatcha-Andhra Pradesh) shall be intricately woven into the entire program.  

           vii. Activity reports will be compiled by Forest department every day and updated on-online and uploaded on APFMIS web site.

4. All District Collectors and Head of Departments are requested to take immediate action to operationalise these guidelines.  


                      DR. PV RAMESH IAS 

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