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G.O.Ms.No.33, Dated:29.09.2016. Overseas Education Scheme for Minority Students for pursuing Higher Studies abroad from the year 2016-17


GOVERNMENT  OF  ANDHRA PRADESH                               ABSTRACT

Minorities Welfare Department – Overseas  Education Scheme for Minority Students for pursuing  Higher  Studies  abroad  from  the  year 2016-17  – Orders  – Issued.

    G.O.Ms.No.33             Dated:29.09.2016  

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1.  Review  Meeting  by  Hon’ble Chief  Minister,  Government of  Andhra Pradesh     on  06.04.2016.      

2. From  the  Commissioner, Minorities  Welfare,  Hyderabad, Lr.No.878/CMW/     OESM/2016,dated.12.04.2016.

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 The Government of Andhra  Pradesh  is  committed  for  the holistic development and  welfare of  the Minorities  in the  State and accordingly  the Government have  made  substantial budgetary allocations for providing scholarships to the students belonging to the Minorities  on a saturation basis and this  initiative has over the years encouraged  a large number of  Minority  students to complete Professional and Post-Graduate Courses.

2.       In  the  last  decade, as the  global  economy has significantly grown and  became networked, opportunities for  gainful employment have manifested manifold  both  in India and  abroad for  youth who have had  the  benefit  of  higher  and specialized education  in  renowned  national  and  international educational  institutions.  The       Post-Matric Scholarship scheme of the  Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of India  has facilitated  the Minority  students being  able  to study  in the reputed  national  institutions  of  higher  learning.   However,  bright and  deserving Minority  students  are often handicapped  in  gaining  access  to  reputed  international educational  institutions  only  on  account  of  their  economical  backwardness.

3.      Taking  due cognizance of the   above extant situation and for bridging this  gap and providing equal  access to  the  Minority  students, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to  introduce  a  new  scheme of  “OVERSEAS EDUCATION SCHEME  FOR MINORITIES” for the benefit of the students belonging to the Minorities.

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