Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rc.No.138,Dt.03.04.2016 - Teachers - Disciplines - Dress Code - Cellphones in Class rooms


   RC. No.138/E1-1/2013    Dated:-03.04.2013.             
Sub:- School Education - Disciplines - Following Dress-code and use of                        cellphones in class rooms - instructions - Issued-Reg.      

   Ref:- Oral observation made by Hon’ble Minister, (PERSSA).                                                            

               All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, it is brought to the notice of Commissioner and Director of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

     That most of the teachers are not following dress-code while attending the school and are dressing by wearing Jean Pants, 8 pockets 4 pockets pants, “T' shirts, Round neck "T" shorts, flip flop shoes etc., The dress should confirm to the professional standards and teaching is a noble profession where the society looks at a teacher for standards of living and should be a role model to students, -

     It is also brought to the notice that rampant use of cellphones in school hours

      instructional hour's use of cell phones in classroom by teachers distracts the attention of students and the student will emulate such habits from teachers and will affect the educational activities and the students will not be able to pay attention in classroom.

      In order to instill discipline among the teachers and students; all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are instructed to issue instructions to all the concerned that:

1. The HM Teachers should attend the school in the dress appropriate to the profession and should not wear Jean Pants, 8 pocket/4 pocket pants, ‘T.’ shorts,neck 'T' shorts flip flop shoes etc., and should be a role model to students,

2. The HM/Teachers should not use cell-phones in the class rooms & instructional hours and the students also should not be allowed to use cell phones in class rooms.

The  above  instructions  should  be followed  scrupulously and  any deviation  will be viewed seriously


                               V.Usha Rani
Commissioner  and  Director  of School  Education

* All  the  Regional  Joint Directors  of School  Education  in the State.
*All  the  District Educational  Officers  in  the  State,
 Copy to
*CSD to Hon’ble  Minister  to  Secondary Education,  Andhra Pradesh  Secretariat, Hyder abad.
Copy to
*OSD to Hon'ble  Minister  to  Primary Education  ft Sarva Siksha Abhiyan,  Andhra Pradesh  Secretariat,  Hyderabad.

                   ΑΑΤ.C.F.Β.Ο/Η SPERINTENDENT

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