Tuesday, 26 April 2016

RC 362 & Lr NO 115 Dt 23.4.16. Donate Old books - Support Poor Children and

M.R.G.   NAIDU,   B.E.,   M.Sc.   (Env.Science)
Priyate Secretary to
Hon'ble Minister for Human Resource Development (Primary  Education. Secondary Education,  Higher & Technical Education). Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
The Commissioner  &  Director  of School  Education  Department,
Andhra   Pradesh, Hyderabad.

I am  directed   by  the  Hon'ble   Minister   to  request   you  to  examine   the proposal   of  ITC  for  initiating   "Donate   old   Books  -  Support  poor  Children" under   Well   Being   out   of  Waste   (WOW)   which   is  herewith   enclosed   for perusal.
The  ITC,  as  part   of  its  corporate    Social   Responsibility    has  taken   up  the initiative    wellbeing     out  of    Waste   (WOW)   with   an  objective  of  retrieving and  recycling    valuable     materials    and  creating   sustainable     livelihoods   and also  to  conserve    the   environment    and   requested    the   School   Education Department  and  submitted  certain   points  for  perusal   of the  Department.
As  per  the  assessment    of  ITC  Authorities,    if  10 thousand  tones   of  Old Paper  taken   as one  unit  which   may  put  into  recycle   Rs. 7.00  Crores worth         of   New    note    books    to   4   lakhs    poor    children    can   be distributed                besides  saving    2  lakhs   trees   of   paper   pulp.   Thereby huge   deforestation   can   be    avoided    besides   supplying     qualitative    note books  to  the  children

                                     ANDHRA PRADESH, HYDERABAD      

Rc.No.362/Text Books-1/2016                                                   Date: 25-04-2016

Sub:- SE – Proposal for initiating “Donate old Books – Support poor children” under WOW – Inter School Recycling competition program – Reg.

Read:- Lr.No.115/PS/(MHRD)2016, dt.23.04.2016 of PS to Minister (HRD), Private Secretary to Minister for HRD, Govt. Of A.P., Hyderabad.
&& && &&

A copy of the letter Lr.No.115/PS/(MHRD)2016, dt.23.04.2016 of PS to Minister (HRD), Private Secretary to Minister for HRD, Govt. Of A.P., Hyderabad along with its enclosures is herewith enclosed for taking necessary action in the matter.

Please submit your report by 05.05.2016 as the quantum of books collected for recycling in your District.

Encl:- As Above.                                                              Sd/-                                                               Sandhya Rani

                                                 Commissioner of School Education


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