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CCRT - proposed Training Programmes during the year 2016-17

CCRT - proposed Training Programmes during the year 2016-17

The Annual Calendar of the training programmes scheduled in the 2016-17 Secretary of Education and Project Director Education the Centre organizes Orientation Courses throughout the year for in-service teachers and Teacher Educators as well.

The Orientation Course introduces the participants to the rich fabric of artistic and cultural heritage. It is designed to give the participants an idea to incorporate various aspects of artistic and cultural expression in Education. On successful completion of the training each school from where the teacher is trained, is provided with CCRT’s Cultural Software including packages free of cost.

1.       For deputation of teachers, the following are the strict guidelines:

       Teachers should be upto 52 years of age (Birth Certificate) to be produced at the time of registration .

        Teachers must be teaching in minimum any one of the following Classes – 8th /9th/10th/11th/12th of middle/secondary/senior secondary schools should only be deputed.

        S/he should be teaching subjects like i) Social Study (History, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Civics, Sociology etc.); ii) Languages (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Modern Indian  Languages);  iii)  Science  (Physics,  Chemistry,  Biology, etc.); iv) Mathematics; v) Fine Arts, Music & Art;

       Preference should be given to depute female teachers.

          The deputed teachers should have minimum two years’  experience of teaching.
        Only one teacher from one school should be deputed in each of the above mentioned Orientation Course(s), not more than one teacher from the same school will be allowed to participate.

3.       Separate stay arrangements are made for the female teachers at the venue of the training.

·         It has been decided that if the norms and conditions mentioned above are not adhered to while deputing teachers, the deputed teachers will neither be registered nor paid TA/DA for reporting. This is being done to avoid any censures from the Auditors.

The details of Proposed Training
Programmes during the year 2016-17



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