Friday, 29 January 2016

RC 688.dt.29.1.16. N T Books for 2016-17 – Online Date Entry- Clarifications of Problems

           Rc.No.688/Text Books-1/201
                    Date 29-01-2016 

 Sub:- SE – Nationalised Text Books during the year 2016-17 – Online Date Entry of the Text Books – Certain problems - Requested – Reg.

 Read:- 1. Instructions of the Commissioner of School Education on 18.11.2015. 
 2. Discussions held with the Director, A.P.Text Books Press & Team of Text Books Section of Commissioner of School Education on 20.11.2015. 
 3. CSE Proc. Rc.No.854/Text Books-1/2015, Date 20-11-2015. 

 The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is requested to instruct the MEOs to verify if the indent is placed from all the schools in their mandals such as:

1. Social Welfare Residential Schools 
2. B.C. Welfare Residential Schools. 
3. Tribal Welfare Residential Schools. 
4. K.G.B.V. 
5. Model Schools 
6. Madarasas 
7. Railway Mixed Schools and any other central schools (Telugu Medium) 
8. Telugu Medium Schools running in other States, as permitted by the School Educational Department of this state. 

   The District Educational Officers are also requested to specifically mention, if the placement of indent from the MEOs is completed or not. If indent placement by MEOs is completed, the option for indent will be blocked by 3-02-2016 evening.
   The District Educational Officers are requested to confirm, if all the recognized schools under all the managements in their districts have placed indent & inform the same by 01.02.2016 in writing marking a copy of the same to the Director, Govt. Text Books Press, A.P., Hyderabad. G. USHA RANI For commissioner of School Education


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