Saturday, 19 December 2015

RC. No. 822. Dt.19.12.15.RMSA - In-Service Teacher Training Planning Meeting on 21st December 2015 at SCERT

All the  District  Educational  Officers  and  Principals  of DEITs  in the  State  are hereby informed  that  it is decided  to  organize  one day planning  meeting  on 21st December,  2015  at SCERT Conference  Hall, Hyderabad  to prepare  a Plan of Action  to conduct  RMSA  In-Service Teacher Training  Programme  for Language  Pandits  and School Assistants  who are working  in High Schools.
Therefore,  the  DEOs  are  requested  to  depute  on  Dy. E.O,  RMSA  to  attend  the  said planning meeting on 21st December  2015, with instructions  to bring the data of all categories of teachers  working  in all High  Schools.  Further they are informed  to submit  number  of teachers were trained  during  the  academic  year  2014-15,  number  of teachers  to be trained  during this academic year 2015-16 and documentation  of previous training programmes  held in 2014-15.

The Principals  of DIETs  are also informed  to attend  the  said program as they are going to monitor training programmes  at district level.  


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