Saturday, 12 December 2015

GO MS 150 to 171. Dt.11.12.15. PRC 2015. Special Pays and Allowances

ALLOWANCES - Andhra Pradesh Manual of Special Pays and Allowances - Recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission – Revised rates of Special Pays - Orders - Issued.

  1. GO MS 150 Dt.11.12.15. Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules  - Travelling Allowance on Tour 
  2. GO MS 151 Dt.11.12.15 Civil Services Transfer Travelling Allowance – Orders 
  3. GO MS 152 Dt.11.12.15 Civil Services Leave Travel Concession - Permission to travel anywhere in India on LTC
  4. GO MS 153 Dt.11.12.15  Civil Services Fixed Travelling Allowance - Orders
  5. GO MS 154 Dt.11.12.15 Allowances Machine Allowance to the Copyists in the Judicial Department
  6. GO MS 155 Dt.11.12.15 ALLOWANCES - Manual of Special Pays and Allowances
  7. GO MS 156 Dt.11.12.15 Incentive Allowance to Armored Head Constable, Armored Police Constable and Scout Allowance to Teachers 
  8. GO MS 157 Dt.11.12.15 Risk Allowance - Recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission
  9. GO MS 158 Dt.11.12.15 Revised rates of Clerical Allowance, N.G.O. Clinic Allowance, Night Duty Allowance and Theatre Allowance
  10. GO MS 159 Dt.11.12.15 Conveyance Allowance to Blind and Physically Handicapped employees 
  11. GO MS 160 Dt.11.12.15 Conveyance Allowance to certain categories 
  12. GO MS 161 Dt.11.12.15 Payment of enhanced stitching charges to Roneo Operators, Jamedars, Drivers, Class IV/Last Grade employees and Work Charged employees 
  13. GO MS 162 Dt.11.12.15 ALLOWANCES - Manual of Special Pays and Allowances - E.S.I. Allowance
  14. GO MS 163 Dt.11.12.15 ALLOWANCES - BLOOD BANK ALLOWANCE - Recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission 
  15. GO MS 164 Dt.11.12.15 ALLOWANCES  - Revised rates of Ration Allowance 
  16. GO MS 165 Dt.11.12.15 Leprosy Allowance to Medical and Para Medical staff 
  17. GO MS 166 Dt.11.12.15   ALLOWANCES - Slaughter House Allowance
  18. GO MS 167 Dt.11.12.15  Enhancement of Supervisory Allowance
  19. GO MS 168 Dt.11.12.15  Sub-Jail Allowance.
  20. GO MS 169 Dt.11.12.15  remuneration payable to the Drivers, Roneo Duplicating Operators and Lift Operators for attending to the official duties on holidays
  21. GO MS 170 Dt.11.12.15  Office Allowance and Maintenance Allowance
  22. GO MS 171 Dt.11.12.15  ALLOWANCES - Andhra Pradesh Manual of Special Pays and Allowances


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