Thursday, 1 October 2015

Training Program for CCRT in October and Novermber

Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
CCRT/14011/1/2015/9316 Aug.17.2015
Dear  Sir/Madam,
Please  refer  to our  earlier   letters/mails    regarding   deputation   of teachers   for  various  workshops   organized    by the CCRT.
May  I  once  again   request   you  to  depute   03  teachers   each  through   CCRT's  DRPs   from  your  district    in  the workshops  organized   during the  months  of October-November 2015 as per the eligibility   criteria  of CCRT  (Please see Annexure  I).

A copy  of Tailor   made  Selection   Letters related  to the  above  mentioned   Workshops   are  enclosed  with  the  letter issued   to concerned   DRP's  of your  State who will  be coordinating with  your  kind office  for deputation   of teachers in the training   programmes


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