Thursday, 15 October 2015

Memo.No.Spl/A9/201, Dt:14.10.15 Instructions of HRD Minister to DEO/POs.

Memo.No.Spl/SSA/AP/A9/2015,                                                              Dated: 14.10.2015
Sub: APSSA, School Education Dept., – Video Conference held on 14.10.2015 – Instructions issued - Reg.
Ref:  Video Conference conducted by the Hon’ble Minister for HRD and Secretary to Govt., School Education Dept., A.P, Hyderabad, Dt:14.10.2015.
Following are the instructions issued during Video conference conducted by Hon'ble Minister for Human Resource Development & Secretary to Govt., School Education Department from 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm on 14.10.2015 with officers of Commissioner of School Education, A.P & APSSA, District Educational Officers & Project Officers of SSA and their staff.
I.All the DEOs & POs as well as the staff working under their control are instructed to work in coordination & cooperation with each other and see that the orders issued from higher authorities are carried out properly.
II. They are further instructed that top priority shall be given to maintenance of toilets, cleanliness of school premises, providing drinking water to the students and demolition of dilapidated structures.
III. Instructions issued on Agenda items:
1. Cleaning of school premises:
• All the schools shall be maintained cleanly. Shrubs & bushes if any in the school premises shall be removed immediately. Where ever there is a necessity of particular machinery for this purpose they are directed to approach the other District Officials through the District Collector/ Local Community and see that the premises/ ground is leveled and cleanliness is maintained.
•  All the dilapidated structures of school buildings, toilets, compound walls etc which are in unsafe condition shall be demolished/ dismantled immediately and the debris shall be removed and disposed off properly.
•  The State Project Director, APSSA is instructed to finalize the colour to be coated to the school structures immediately in consultation with the officials and authorities concerned. All the schools shall be colour coated accordingly by the end of the October 2015 or at the most by 1st week of November 2015.

2. Construction of toilets:
•  All the DEOs and POs are instructed to complete the construction/ renovation/ repairs of the toilets immediately.
•  All the Officers concerned are instructed to see that at least one toilet for boys and one toilet for girls shall be available in each and every school.
• The Head Masters, MEOs, DEOs, EEs and POs will be held responsible for the deviations found if any.
• The photos of all the toilets shall be uploaded in the MHRD website as already directed. This work shall be completed by 21st October 2015.


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