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Lr No.13 Dt.09.10.15. Maintenance of Toilets in all Govt Schools in 13 Districts.

                   SARVA SIKSHA ABIYAN

Lr No.13/Fl/APSSA/2014   Dt: 09.10.2015

    Sub:  APSSA,  Hyd-   Maintenance  of  Toilets  in  all  Govt   Schools  in   13 Districts- Certain  Instructions issued  - Reg.Ref:  Prgs  No.1519/Toilet   Maintenance/2015 Dt:  28.09.2015 of  the  State Project  Director, SSA, AP, Hyderabad.


It  is to inform  that  49393  Toilets constructed in all the  Govt  Schools of  13
Districts are to be maintained for a period  of six months from  November-2015 to April-2016. The toilet  maintenance in the  869 Schools of  13 Mandals@  1   mandal per  District, the  funds  were  released to  CEO,  SERP  for  Rs.141.4 7  Lakhs  Vide reference cited.

The budget  available in Swachh Bharat  Swachh Vidyalaya (SBSV) Scheme which   is  released  to   13  DPOs   of  SSA  is  Rs.9088.27  Lakhs.   But   so  far,  the expenditure  is   Rs.   6267.39  Lakhs   and   the   balance  available  is   Rs.2820.88
Lakhs.(Statement Enclosed). Apart  from  this  all the  SMCs  of  all  13 Districts are
having  a  balance of  Rs.24804.56  Lakhs   (Statement Enclosed).  The  SPD  in  his letter  No.2607/SSA-AP/A9/2014   Dt:  09.10.2015 has  informed  that  the  priority shall be given  for maintenance of toilets  constructed under  Swachh Bharat  Swachh Vidyalaya Scheme and  the  expenditure shall  be  met  from   available budget   in Swachh Bharat  Swachh Vidyalaya Scheme.

Further, the DPOs  are asked  to approach for SPD for requirement of budget for toilet maintenance if needed.

It  is also proposed to motivate MEOs  and the corporate social  responsibility of public/Private Sector  organizations are asked  to contribute their  share  for toilet maintenance in the  Govt  Schools. Some PSUs/  Private  Organizations have  already given their willingness to provide funds  for maintenance of toilets  in Govt  Schools, make your personal efforts  for realization.

Therefore, all the POs  are instructed to monitor the maintenance of toilets  in
Govt Schools through SMCs  and for their budget  requirement.

                                  Sd/ V B Ramana Murthy
                                    State Project  Director


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