Thursday, 24 September 2015

639/SCERT,Dt:24-09-2015. State level Workshop at Guntur on 29th on No Detention Policy and English Medium Education

Rc. No. 639/Bl/C&T/SCERT/2015           Dated:  24-09-2015.

Sub:-     SCERT,    AP,   Hyderabad    -   No   Detention        Policy   and   English    Medium
                Education    - Conduct  of State level Workshop  at Guntur  on 29-9-2015 - Reg.

Ref:-     1. 63rd Meeting  of CABE  held on 19th August  2015 at New  Delhi.
              2. This office  Proc.  Re. even no. dated 27-8-2015.

  1. 1. All the District  Education   Officers  in the  State  are informed  that  vide  reference   2nd  cited they  were  requested   to  conduct   consultative    meetings   from  village   level  to  district   level  on introduction   of  No  Detention Policy  and  English  Medium  Education at Primary Level  in pursuant   to  the  request   made   by  GOI   during   63rd  meeting   of  Central   Advisory   Board   on Education  (CABE),  Ministry   of Human  Resource   Development   (MHRD),   Government   of India held at New  Delhi.  By this  time,  the consultative   meetings  might  have  been  conducted   in all the districts  in the State and consolidated   the views  of stakeholders   on the above  two issues.
  2. 2. Now  it is proposed   to conduct  the  State  Level  Consultation   at Guntur  on 29-9-2015 with the  cross  section   of  stakeholders    and  the  persons   involved   in  the  area  of  education.   Public Representatives,    State,  District   and  Mandal   level  officers   will  also  participate   in the  meeting. During  the meeting,  deliberations   will  be held  on the above  two  issues  along  with  sharing  of the reports  of districts  obtained   during  the  consultations   held  in districts.   Finally  a common  opinion has  to be  emerged   on  the  above  two  issues  for  onward  transmission    to  State  Government   and Government  of India.  The  DEOs   shall  present   the  comprehensive    reports   of  their  concerned districts  including   the  opinions   obtained   at Mandal  and  District   Level  consultations    during  the meeting.
  3. 3. Hence,   the   DEOs   are   requested        to   participate   in  the   State      level   consultations on 29th 2015 and depute  I invite  the persons          as per the annexure  enclosed. The participants   may    be requested  to attend  the  meetings   at  10.00     A.M.  at the  identified   venue. TA,  DA  will  be paid to the eligible  persons  as per norms.


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